Normani & Khalid Blast Into iTunes Top 10 With ‘Love Lies

It’s liftoff for Normani and Khalid‘s arresting new single ‘Love Lies.’

Unwrapped on Valentine’s Day, the the moody mid-tempo saw its video arrive yesterday. And the latter is having a major effect.

Full story below…

As at writing, the jam sits at #8 (and rising) on the US iTunes.

To put into context, the song sat nearer #30 pre the arrival of the visual.

It marks an awesome start for the track, which is lifted from the ‘Love, Simon’ movie soundtrack comes the heels of Khalid’s Platinum colored success with debut album ‘American Teen.’

For Normani, it’s the best of starts for her solo journey as she branches out from her Fifth Harmony base.

Can the track climb higher? Stay tuned!


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‘Black Panther’ To Exceed Box Office Expectations With Huge Debut

Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ is on course to exceeding expectations at the box office!

Fantastic news below…Movie insiders predicted the movie to open with $125 million a few weeks ago but have now revealed that the hype surrounding the project will see it soar north of $165 million.


The director Ryan Coogler was given $200 million to build the release and kicked off principle photography in the January of 2017.

Today, just over a year later, he’s set to watch the impactful project recoup its budget within a matter of days.

‘The Hollywood Reporter’ adds…

Black Panther could potentially notch one of the top five or six domestic openings ever for a superhero film, not accounting for inflation. Of course, tracking often misses the mark. Either way, the pic appears headed for greatness in North America.

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‘Black Panther’s All-Star Cast Cover ESSENCE

‘Black Panther’ is finally upon us!

After much ado, the world will journey to Wakanda in Marvel’s blockbuster action-flick.

To celebrate its arrival, its star-studded cast feature on three separate covers of ESSENCE Magazine‘s March issue.

The ladies featured (above) are Angela Bassett, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira and Letitia Wright.

While Chadwick Boseman, Forest Whitaker, Michael B. Jordan, and Oscar nominee Daniel Kaluuya pose together on theirs.

Elsewhere, Boseman (who leads in the title role) boasts his own solo cover.

Peep pics and quotes below…

  • DANAI GURIRA ON WHAT THE ROLE MEANT TO HER: “The idea of creating a scenario where you’re seeing very powerful, empowered Africans is really thrilling to me, something my heart, soul and spirit yearned to see…”
  • LUPITA NYONG’O ON THE WONDER OF WAKANDA: “For me, as an African in this film, to walk on set and to see these incredible costumes and hairdos, these are the things I grew up seeing, but they’ve just been elevated to a fantastical place. We’re going to experience the richness of the continent, because the continent is what has informed us of what Wakanda could be…”
  • ANGELA BASSETT ON PLAYING A QUEEN [Excerpt]“When Angela Bassett received the call from [director] Coogler asking if she would play T’Challa’s stepmother, Queen Ramona, she had never heard of the character. ‘…Just to have an opportunity to portray that image—me, a little Black girl from the Florida projects. Playing a queen was just unattainable, unavailable. Even in a fictitious world, a Black woman cannot be a queen,’ she scoffs. ‘Why can’t I be?…’”

FOREST WHITAKER ON THE GENIUS OF DIRECTOR RYAN COOGLER: “His films always have some message about the depth of humanity, bringing out the voices of people of color while finding the universal connection that brings us together as one…”

  • LETITIA WRIGHT ON THE IMPORTANCE OF THE FILM: “We understand the responsibility. That it can shift mind-sets. I can be a Black superhero. I can be a scientist. I’m a queen. I’m a young prince. It’s not about me. It’s bigger than me. It’s bigger than all of us…”







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Social Media Continues To Blast Chris Brown Over Beyonce Wish

Chris Brown has a serious problem.

What it is? The polarising nature of his legacy.

For, while some commend him for maintaining his position as one of the world’s biggest stars, many cite his declining pure sales and quality of his new material as grounds for their refusal to name him one of the greats.

Worrying, as he now finds himself forced to look on as Beyonce, Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Drake elevated to heights his critics believe he will never reach.

Now, the critical mass has launched a scathing attack on his art after he took to Twitter to reveal that he’d like to tour with the first three artists mentioned above.


The public’s estimation of Chris’ career below…

Totally unfair.

However, with so many agreeing with the messages above, we hope the undeniably gifted Brown uses the criticism as motivation to deliver music and videos just as brilliant he is.

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Nicki Minaj Strikes A Pose For VOGUE

Cop a gander of Nicki Minaj!

The rapper, whose new album is easily one of the year’s most anticipated, appears in the newest issue of Vogue Magazine.

In shots lensed by Mikael Jansson, the femcee strikes several poses which appear alongside an engaging feature spotlighting how young designers are shaking up fashion houses.

Onika appears head-to-toe in Calvin Klein. 

Peep another snap after the jump…

The feature marks a rare sighting of the rapper, who has not posted on social media since December.

Is new music incoming? And if so, are you still excited for it? Let us know below…












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Mathew Knowles Bares All On Colorism, Beyonce & More On British Television

Mathew Knowles is keen to address how the treatment of black women historically has led to their erasure (or lightening) in Pop culture.

How he’s doing it? With a new book named ‘Racism: From the Eyes of a Child’ in which he bares all on how his difficult childhood informed his view on black women and the direction he encouraged Beyonce to go in as she sought superstardom.

His latest promotional stop? ‘Good Morning Britain.’

We have urban radio and we have pop radio. When we look at pop radio we can look, I don’t use Beyoncé or Solange my younger daughter, I really talk about Mariah Carey and others, Rihanna, that it’s just a known fact, if we look over the last ten years, and we look at colourism – which is discrimination based on the shade of colour – it’s a fact.

‘It’s a fact that Beyoncé or any of the other artists, Alicia Keys, I can go on and on, a shade of colour does make a difference in pop radio.

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Chris Brown’s 57-Track Album ‘Heartbreak On A Full Moon’ Goes “Platinum

Chris Brown‘s 57-track album experiment is proving to be a fruitful venture.

For, the singer has just nabbed his latest plaque and its color is Platinum.

Full story below…

Despite having sold 80,000 units in traditional sales, ‘Heartbreak On A Full Moon’ has been awarded a Platinum plaque for shifting 1 million equivalent units.

Wondering how? Us too. Still, here’s an attempted breakdown…

The set originally arrived as a 45-track album last October. Thus technically serving as a “double album.” In December, an additional 12 tracks wee bolted on as a holiday “care package” bringing the total number of songs to 57. Leaving ample room for argument that the project now qualifies as a “triple” album.

Whatever the case, the sheer number of songs has translated into enough plays to somehow justify Platinum status.

Clearly aware of the eyebrow raising and head-scratching, C. Breezy shared his receipt with the caption:

SAY WHAT U WANT… really wouldn’t matter at this point. ❤🏆. GREATNESS DEFENDS AND SPEAKS FOR ITSELF


As much as we want to congratulate Chris, logic is holding us back.

See, we listened to ‘Heartbreak’ and could not find this “greatness” he speaks of.

Make no mistake, the effort was commendable but with Chris there’s a clear issue of quality control. It’s as if he releases every song he records. Like, because he throws 100 tracks at us does not mean all of them warrant praise. Indeed, most were fluff filler.

There’s also something kinda suspect about this practice (double/triple album). He’s not achieved Platinum status with most of his recent releases and then by simply releasing more than anyone asked for he’s rewarded. It really doesn’t encourage him to be the best artist he can be nor does it help “Platinum” feel prestigious in a time when changing measuring metrics (see: streaming) are already causing it to lose some of its shine.

Plaques are cute, but impact and true resonance are better. Have any of the songs on ‘Heartbreak’ done anything on the charts? Impacted culture? Elevated Chris to new heights? Not at all.

So while this may stroke his ego and placate the uninformed, the reality is that this feels hella artificial and doesn’t help him in the long term.

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Read: Camila Cabello Refuses To Sing Fifth Harmony Songs on Solo Tour

Life is indeed sweet for Camila Cabello.

The ‘Havana’ hitmaker, who is undoubtedly still celebrating the success of her eponymous, Gold-certified debut album, is still hot on the promo trail in its support.  Most recently spotted gracing the cover of ‘NME’ magazine, Cabello dished on a number of topics including why she changed her album’s name (from ‘The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving.’), solo success, leaving ‘Crying in the Club’ off her debut album’s final track list, and even addresses if she’ll ever cover Fifth Harmony hits when she embarks on a solo tour.

Read her thoughts on this and more below:


Camila on Performing Fifth Harmony hits on her solo tour:

“No… no, definitely not. I honestly have never even thought about that. I don’t know, I feel like this is such a new… chapter of me.” 

Camila on being a role model:

“I think it has a lot to do with the fact I have a sister who’s 10. Even if I swear in real life, I don’t like swearing in songs. Because she listens to my songs with all her friends and I don’t want them to not be able to sing along.

Growing up, I looked up to all the Disney girls like Selena, Demi, Miley, Taylor … I feel like the people you look up to as a kid definitely influence you in some way. And because of that I wanna be a good influence on younger kids.”

Camila on changing her album’s title:

“The album was about getting over this situation, but I’m never going to get over this situation if I’m constantly being asked about it. And also, I’m a super private person so I couldn’t even give an interesting answer to who it was about. I just kept being super vague, and that’s not fun for anybody.

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New Video: Jussie Smollett & Swizz Beatz – ‘Catch Your Eye’

After kicking off 2018 with his stirring official debut single, ‘Freedom,’ and an equally moving music video to accompany it (click here to see that if you missed it), ‘Empire’ star Jussie Smollett continues to showcase music from his long-awaited debut album, ‘Sum of My Music.’

Ahead of its reported March 2nd release fans are invited to feast their eyes on ‘Catch Your Eye’ – the LP’s Swizz Beatz-assisted second single.  Said to be inspired by the 1998 Hype Williams’-directed film, ‘Belly,’ the clip also features stunning artwork from Nigerian artist Laolu NYC.

Curious to see what Smollett’s cooked up with his second swing at the bat?  Look inside to see:

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Celebrities React To Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl LII Halftime Show

(Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

Everyone is still abuzz after Justin Timberlake took to Minneapolis’ U.S. Bank stadium to rock the Super Bowl LII halftime show.

With pyrotechnics and high octane choreography to boot, the Grammy-winner was armed with a bevy of tricks, crowd-hyping, and, of course, his top hits. Taking the stage by his lonesomehe single-handedly set the city and Twitter alight tonight as evidenced by ongoing discussion by fans, critics, and even celebrities.

With weigh ins from all across the board, tuck in to see what some of your favorite celebs had to say about the outing:



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