Azealia Banks Releases ‘Fantasea II’ Track List

Azealia Banks‘ follow-up to her romantic and deeply aquatic ‘Fantasea’ project is on the way.

Generating hype for its unveiling? The release of its track list.

Check it out below..

Fantasea Two: The Second Wave
1. Lorelei ft. Jamie Hince
2. Icy Pisces ft. ???
3. Chaos and Glory Ft. Luciana Caparoso
4. Along The Coast ft. ???
5. N****s Gon’ Learn Ft. Connie Diiamond
6. Ain’t Know
7. Tastes State Ft. Busta Rhymes
8. Paradiso II
9. Treasure Island
10. Anna Wintour ft. Mel B & ???
11. Count Contessa (redux)
12. Pyrex Princess ft. ???
13. Escapades (Pleasure Place)
14. Venus
15. Movin’ On Up ft. NEWBODY
16. Playhouse
17. Desert Beat
18. Blossom
19. In Excelsis
20. Chi-Chi
21. Surprise
22. Surprise


The Second Wave‘ will sail into the world before Banks’s second album ‘Business & Pleasure‘ drops and will feature a fresh rendition of her fan favourite ‘Count Contessa.’

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