Donald Trump Disses Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey has been insulted by the leader of the free world…Donald Trump!

Why the Commander in Chief is infuriated with the media proprietor?








Drama awaits below …….

Trump couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw this segment.

How he responded?


Oprah is yet to respond.

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‘Black Panther’ Chadwick Boseman Covers Rolling Stone

‘Black Panther’ is fast becoming one of the biggest blockbusters of all-time. And its success is elevating the stars of its colossal cast – including lead Chadwick Boseman.

The 41-year-old actor, who covers the newest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, had up until now been most renown for his roles in Afro-American biopics. Case in point Jackie Robinson (’42’), James Brown (‘Get On Up’), and Thurgood Marshall (‘Marshall’).

With ‘Panther’ though, he’s entered into new terrain. One that has the masses magnetised to his own story.

In his RS feature, he quenches the thirst of curiosity surrounding his rise, playing the superhero, and more.

Check out quotes and pics below…

On the world finally has its first African superhero movie:

“It’s a sea-change moment. I still remember the excitement people had seeing Malcolm X. And this is greater, because it includes other people, too. Everybody comes to see the Marvel movie.”

On ensuring Wakandans had African accents in ‘Black Panther’:

“I had to push for that. I felt there was no way in the world I could do the movie without an accent. But I had to convince [the studio] it was something we couldn’t be afraid of. My argument was that we train the audience’s ear in the first five minutes – give them subtitles, give them whatever they need – and I believe they’ll follow it the same way they’ll follow an Irish accent or a Cockney accent. We watch movies all the time when this happens,” he adds. “Why all of a sudden is it ‘We can’t follow it’ when it’s African?”



On combatting his nervousness for the greater good:

“Going on a talk show? Oh, my God. Nah.

[That said] I truly believe there’s a truth that needs to enter the world at a particular time. And that’s why people are excited about Panther. This is the time.”

On Phylicia Rashad becoming his mentor after taking her acting class at Howard University: 

“She would do a play in D.C. and you’d go see it, and she’d drive you home and talk to you. ‘How you eating? You look too skinny. You need a pork chop.’ We were just trying to aspire to her excellence.”

On embracing the sheer scale of the ‘Black Panther’ production (and the necessity for it when lined up with other Marvel movies:

“The money and manpower it takes to create this entire African world – it’s a huge production. But this is not Star Wars – this is a black superhero movie!”

What would it mean if it didn’t happen? You’d be saying there’s a second class of Marvel movies. A second-class citizenship.”

Needless to say, with the huge box-office returns for ‘Black Panther,’ Boseman and all involved have shown their first-class worth.

Here’s hoping Hollywood, and the world more broadly, respond to this by finally giving ethnically diverse stories and stars the first-class push deserved. Because, as ‘Black Panther’ more than proves, the returns are fruitful – critically and commercially.

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Movie Trailer: ‘Traffik’

April 27th 2018.

The date above marks the spot for a tale of lies, deceit, sexual abuse and murder.

Its name? ‘Traffik.’

Starring Omar Epps and Paula Patton, the movie follows the journey of a couple who take to the mountains for a romantic weekend but find themselves trapped in a sickening web of danger when they meet a biker gang with cruel intentions.







Ready to watch its trailer?


Laz Alonzo also stars in the release as the character Darren Cole as well as ‘Devious Maids’ player Roseylyn Sanchez.

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‘Black Panther’ Box Office Projections Revised Up

‘Black Panther‘s opening weekend box office projections have been revised up today.

The project was built on the wings of a $200 million budget and was expected to pick up a little over $100 million in its opening weekend.

It has shattered this expectation.


Gliding it to #1, the movie is now on course to earn an epic $210 million from 4,020 theatres within the first 72 hours of its US release after it earned $80 million overseas.

‘Variety’ adds…

The film has also set records on the theater level, with 33 AMC locations reporting that their screenings of “Black Panther” on Thursday and Friday plus advanced tickets sales alone have earned more than any other film’s Thursday through Sunday revenue. A spokesman for AMC said they expect the number of locations where “Black Panther” has set records to increase through the four-day weekend.

News of its epic gains slide into the news cycle shortly before Marvel commits to a sequel and before a number of its characters are to appear in the forthcoming ‘Avengers: Infinity War‘ picture.

Click here to find out why Marvel is crediting the African-American community with the release’s success.

Unfamiliar with ‘Black’s story?

Here’s a brief run down.

Directed by Ryan Coogler, the story follows the African superhero T’Challa as he leads the nation of Wakanda following the death of his father, its former leader.

Alas, trouble strikes when an unearthed secret threatens to destroy the world…forever.

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Daniel Kaluuya Gets Dapper For GQ / Talks Oscar Nomination & More

After years of grafting, Daniel Kaluuya saw his name shot into the stratosphere with the surprise success of ‘Get Out.’

The film found favor commercially and critically and last month nabbed the star a nomination for Best Actor at the 2018 Oscars.

With the 28-year-old (who also appears in ‘Black Panther’) deemed a front-runner for the award, he’s more demand than ever.

But despite the hoopla, the Londoner has remained oh so humble.

GQ caught up with Kaluuya for a dapper shoot and interview, during which he stresses that he acts just for the art – not the accolades.

On Not Being Motivated By Winning An Oscar: 

“I’m not here to win. I’m not here to lose. I’m here to check out. Go to the fire. Sometimes you go to the fire. Sometimes you put your hand in there. Oh, that’s hot, okay? Or I like pain. You know what I mean? It’s like I’m here to check it out. I didn’t choose to do Get Out so I could have this experience. I never thought about it. So if this is on the table, I’m like, Okay, let’s see.”

On What He’d Do If He Wasn’t An Actor:

“Probably radio. I love music, man.

I don’t think I have the personality to rap. I think I would have been a producer if I was making music. I would have been geeking out on that. I can’t be bothered with it, though, the rapping.”


On What He Needs Everyday:


Sometimes I wake up really early just to think or to do what I want to do. Because a lot of my day is doing what other people want me to do. So I watch a film or read a book. Sometimes I used to wake up really, really early. Do something for me. Which means I’m better for others. And I realized when I didn’t do that, I’d be really down. Get what I’m saying. Because I’ll feel like I’m me. I was on the treadmill, and that really helps me. So it’s just headspace and kind of feeling like you’re in control.”

 Great shoot, great interview, great talent.

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‘Black Panther’ To Exceed Box Office Expectations With Huge Debut

Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ is on course to exceeding expectations at the box office!

Fantastic news below…Movie insiders predicted the movie to open with $125 million a few weeks ago but have now revealed that the hype surrounding the project will see it soar north of $165 million.


The director Ryan Coogler was given $200 million to build the release and kicked off principle photography in the January of 2017.

Today, just over a year later, he’s set to watch the impactful project recoup its budget within a matter of days.

‘The Hollywood Reporter’ adds…

Black Panther could potentially notch one of the top five or six domestic openings ever for a superhero film, not accounting for inflation. Of course, tracking often misses the mark. Either way, the pic appears headed for greatness in North America.

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‘Black Panther’s All-Star Cast Cover ESSENCE

‘Black Panther’ is finally upon us!

After much ado, the world will journey to Wakanda in Marvel’s blockbuster action-flick.

To celebrate its arrival, its star-studded cast feature on three separate covers of ESSENCE Magazine‘s March issue.

The ladies featured (above) are Angela Bassett, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira and Letitia Wright.

While Chadwick Boseman, Forest Whitaker, Michael B. Jordan, and Oscar nominee Daniel Kaluuya pose together on theirs.

Elsewhere, Boseman (who leads in the title role) boasts his own solo cover.

Peep pics and quotes below…

  • DANAI GURIRA ON WHAT THE ROLE MEANT TO HER: “The idea of creating a scenario where you’re seeing very powerful, empowered Africans is really thrilling to me, something my heart, soul and spirit yearned to see…”
  • LUPITA NYONG’O ON THE WONDER OF WAKANDA: “For me, as an African in this film, to walk on set and to see these incredible costumes and hairdos, these are the things I grew up seeing, but they’ve just been elevated to a fantastical place. We’re going to experience the richness of the continent, because the continent is what has informed us of what Wakanda could be…”
  • ANGELA BASSETT ON PLAYING A QUEEN [Excerpt]“When Angela Bassett received the call from [director] Coogler asking if she would play T’Challa’s stepmother, Queen Ramona, she had never heard of the character. ‘…Just to have an opportunity to portray that image—me, a little Black girl from the Florida projects. Playing a queen was just unattainable, unavailable. Even in a fictitious world, a Black woman cannot be a queen,’ she scoffs. ‘Why can’t I be?…’”

FOREST WHITAKER ON THE GENIUS OF DIRECTOR RYAN COOGLER: “His films always have some message about the depth of humanity, bringing out the voices of people of color while finding the universal connection that brings us together as one…”

  • LETITIA WRIGHT ON THE IMPORTANCE OF THE FILM: “We understand the responsibility. That it can shift mind-sets. I can be a Black superhero. I can be a scientist. I’m a queen. I’m a young prince. It’s not about me. It’s bigger than me. It’s bigger than all of us…”







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Bette Midler On Super Bowl: “We Need Justice For Janet Jackson

As the clock counts down to Justin Timberlake‘s headlining slot at the 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show, debate continues to rage about why he got the gig in the first place.

Indeed, given his integral role in the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” during Janet Jackson‘s 2004 performance, millions are still unable to rationalize how he has been asked back and she is reportedly “banned.”

Even Jackson’s industry peers are weighing in. Case in point, actress Bette Midler who did not hold back about the matter on Twitter.

See what mean below…

Can’t say we disagree. What’s your take on Bette’s remark?

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‘Faith Under Fire’: Toni Braxton’s Lifetime Movie Rakes In MAJOR Ratings

Toni Braxton wins again at Lifetime!

Just two years after raking in major ratings with the network’s made-for-TV adaptation of her autobiography, ‘Unbreak My Heart:  The Toni Braxton Story,’ the Grammy winner flexed her acting muscle and lured in top viewership by bringing another important female figure’s story to life via film.



See the details inside:

‘Faith Under Fire’ Ratings

2.4 Million TOTAL Viewers

The numbers above not only made it the highest rated broadcast among all cable channels on Saturday night (January 27th), but also the most-watched cable television film of the year.  Starring Braxton as Antoinette Tuff, a Georgia teacher brought to fame after convincing a deranged gunman to surrender to police (sparing the lives of hundreds of students in the process), the film – in its subsequent airings – has reached over 8 million viewers.

Congratz are certainly in order to Toni and Lifetime for the remarkable showing. [report]

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Halle Berry’s Former Manager Accused Of Assaulting Black Actresses

Halle Berry has revealed that she is livid after learning that her former manager used her star power to lure in and assault aspiring black actresses…allegedly.

Details on the disgusting story below…

Aware of the obstacles placed before actresses of colour in Hollywood, Vincent Cirrincione used his power and privilege into a gatekeeper for African-American thespians.

Alas, nine women have revealed that he used his ties to Halle and Taraji P. Henson to abuse them.


Vincent had this to say for himself…

I take responsibility for my part in the situation and I am not here to diminish anyone’s feelings or experiences. I apologize to these women, my past and present partner, my clients and employees for the pain this is bringing them. I was under the impression I was living my life as a supportive man to women. It is with a heavy heart that I see now I was wrong.


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