Chris Brown’s 57-Track Album ‘Heartbreak On A Full Moon’ Goes “Platinum

Chris Brown‘s 57-track album experiment is proving to be a fruitful venture.

For, the singer has just nabbed his latest plaque and its color is Platinum.

Full story below…

Despite having sold 80,000 units in traditional sales, ‘Heartbreak On A Full Moon’ has been awarded a Platinum plaque for shifting 1 million equivalent units.

Wondering how? Us too. Still, here’s an attempted breakdown…

The set originally arrived as a 45-track album last October. Thus technically serving as a “double album.” In December, an additional 12 tracks wee bolted on as a holiday “care package” bringing the total number of songs to 57. Leaving ample room for argument that the project now qualifies as a “triple” album.

Whatever the case, the sheer number of songs has translated into enough plays to somehow justify Platinum status.

Clearly aware of the eyebrow raising and head-scratching, C. Breezy shared his receipt with the caption:

SAY WHAT U WANT… really wouldn’t matter at this point. ❤🏆. GREATNESS DEFENDS AND SPEAKS FOR ITSELF


As much as we want to congratulate Chris, logic is holding us back.

See, we listened to ‘Heartbreak’ and could not find this “greatness” he speaks of.

Make no mistake, the effort was commendable but with Chris there’s a clear issue of quality control. It’s as if he releases every song he records. Like, because he throws 100 tracks at us does not mean all of them warrant praise. Indeed, most were fluff filler.

There’s also something kinda suspect about this practice (double/triple album). He’s not achieved Platinum status with most of his recent releases and then by simply releasing more than anyone asked for he’s rewarded. It really doesn’t encourage him to be the best artist he can be nor does it help “Platinum” feel prestigious in a time when changing measuring metrics (see: streaming) are already causing it to lose some of its shine.

Plaques are cute, but impact and true resonance are better. Have any of the songs on ‘Heartbreak’ done anything on the charts? Impacted culture? Elevated Chris to new heights? Not at all.

So while this may stroke his ego and placate the uninformed, the reality is that this feels hella artificial and doesn’t help him in the long term.

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