Social Media Continues To Blast Chris Brown Over Beyonce Wish

Chris Brown has a serious problem.

What it is? The polarising nature of his legacy.

For, while some commend him for maintaining his position as one of the world’s biggest stars, many cite his declining pure sales and quality of his new material as grounds for their refusal to name him one of the greats.

Worrying, as he now finds himself forced to look on as Beyonce, Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Drake elevated to heights his critics believe he will never reach.

Now, the critical mass has launched a scathing attack on his art after he took to Twitter to reveal that he’d like to tour with the first three artists mentioned above.


The public’s estimation of Chris’ career below…

Totally unfair.

However, with so many agreeing with the messages above, we hope the undeniably gifted Brown uses the criticism as motivation to deliver music and videos just as brilliant he is.

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