Mathew Knowles Bares All On Colorism, Beyonce & More On British Television

Mathew Knowles is keen to address how the treatment of black women historically has led to their erasure (or lightening) in Pop culture.

How he’s doing it? With a new book named ‘Racism: From the Eyes of a Child’ in which he bares all on how his difficult childhood informed his view on black women and the direction he encouraged Beyonce to go in as she sought superstardom.

His latest promotional stop? ‘Good Morning Britain.’

We have urban radio and we have pop radio. When we look at pop radio we can look, I don’t use Beyoncé or Solange my younger daughter, I really talk about Mariah Carey and others, Rihanna, that it’s just a known fact, if we look over the last ten years, and we look at colourism – which is discrimination based on the shade of colour – it’s a fact.

‘It’s a fact that Beyoncé or any of the other artists, Alicia Keys, I can go on and on, a shade of colour does make a difference in pop radio.

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