Nicki Minaj Was Allegedly Working On TV Project With ‘The Queens Court’ With Khia & TS Madison

Nicki Minaj has been missing from the media arena for months, but it appears she’s  been watching. So much so that she was prepping a project with an unlikely duo.

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The Queens Court, a YouTube roast show anchored by Khia and TS Madison, had been growing in popularity before it imploded after a live fallout between its hosts.

And as that drama continues to play out in a series of tit for tat videos, Maddie has revealed that Nicki reached out to her about collaborating on a TV project with the ‘Queens.’ She alluded to Khia squandering the opportunity due to not feeling Onika’s “energy.”

The tea is poured from the 1.38 mark…

Interesting pairing on paper. Wonder what Nicki’s end-game was?

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