Tiffany Haddish To Host The 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards

In the absence of work to promote, Mo’Nique is doing the media rounds to plug her much discussed Netflix boycott.

The latest stop was The View, where things got a little…tense.

See what we mean below…

Mo’ first relayed her issue with the streaming service over what she deemed a combination of gender and race bias.

She then segue-wayed into Hollywood’s bigger issue with under-compensating and used her row over promoting ‘Precious’ as an example.

Indeed, as most will recall, she demanded to be compensated from the film studio to promote the movie internationally. She would later go on to claim that director Lee Daniels (who, along with Oprah Winfrey, tried to convince her to participate in promotion) let her know that she had been “blacklisted” due to her lack of compliance.

When sharing her stance, anchor Whoopi Goldberg interrupted to remind her that such promo is part of her contractual obligation when signing on to any film.

Watch how Mo’ reacted below…

At this point, it legitimately feels as though Mo’Nique is primarily protesting her various career missteps and the ramifications they’ve caused her.

Make no mistake, there is a huge issue with minorities not receiving their due. Indeed, Viola Davis recently spoke up about such.

But with Mo’Nique, her dramas are far too plentiful for it to always be somebody else’s fault. Far too plentiful.

Hence, for that reason, it was warming to see Whoopi check her. Albeit classily.

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